Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Ready to enrol and get started with MRAEL Training Services? Great, we’re ready and waiting to help!

Enrolment Information

MRAEL Training Services can assist at any time with providing further information on how to get started in any of our nationally recognised qualifications or unaccredited short courses.

As an organisation, it’s our goal to ensure that our services and associated policies, procedures and enrolment information is clear and transparent.

Training with MRAEL is simple!

  • 01Find your Course or Qualification.
  • 02Contact us by email, phone us on 1300 4 MRAEL (1300 467 235) or use the Live Chat link to discuss your interests and any eligibility requirements that may apply.
  • 03Enrol and get started. Once you have confirmed which course or qualification you want to undertake, and all of the eligibility criteria have been met, our team will assist you with the enrolment process. Prior to enrolment, participants will be provided with the relevant Student Information Handbook, Schedule of Fees and any applicable policies or procedures to ensure that all appropriate information is clear and transparent.

Get In Touch

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