Training with MRAEL

Training with MRAEL – A smart business decision

Becoming a client of MRAEL Training Services means you gain the convenience and flexibility of working with a training provider that understands the individual objectives, goals and needs of your business and its workforce.

With our experience across a wide range of industries, we understand that workplaces face specific challenges. Our expert staff work collaboratively with your staff to ensure the service that we deliver is tailored to the needs of your organisation.

MRAEL Training Services will work with your business to design a training strategy that addresses your individual requirements and can include:

  • incorporating your organisational policies and procedures, business strategies and HR requirements into training and assessment;
  • designing flexible training and assessment to meet the requirements of your workforce and industry (remote training, seasonal requirements and shift work etc.);
  • contextualising assessments to ensure they are applicable to situations and challenges that students will face in individual workplaces;
  • formal recognition of current skills and knowledge of your workforce through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Upskilling.

Online Learning

MRAEL Training Services utilises an internet based learning system so that learners have the choice to complete training and assessment online where applicable. Our learning platform connects learners and trainers to each other and provides a virtual classroom environment which includes audio, video, whiteboard and screen sharing.

MRAEL can also assist your organisation with information about available Government funding and subsidies, including Commonwealth incentives and State funding.

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