Apprentice Connect Program

Let MRAEL manage your apprentices and trainees for free*. MRAEL’s Apprentice Connect program is our newest apprentice and trainee management service and is available to Partner Organisations at no additional cost.

Apprentice Connect is a specially developed web and mobile tool developed by MRAEL to efficiently manage our relationships with apprentices, trainees and Partner Organisations. The tool makes it quick and easy for users to communicate with MRAEL via a smartphone or computer, from any location with an internet connection.

The key benefits of Apprentice Connect are:

Streamlined communication
Direct access to MRAEL’s apprentice management experts in our dedicated ‘Apprentice Support Centre’, as well as the use of an MRAEL email account for all apprentices and trainees.

Electronic timesheeting option
The ability to approve and submit apprentice and trainee timesheets through MRAEL’s electronic timesheet system, any time.

Cloud storage
Hard copy Training Record Books have been replaced by an Online Training Record (OTR) with the added benefit of personal cloud storage to ensure training record data is maintained securely.

Information on demand
Your apprentice or trainee will be provided with a secure login to MRAEL’s apprentice portal, ‘MRAEL Connect’, so they can access personal information relating to their employment, payroll details and training progress, any time.

MRAEL is able to offer the program to Partner Organisations with no management fee. This means that Partner Organisations can access and utilise MRAEL’s best practice apprentice management expertise and techniques with no added investment to the statutory wages and ongoing costs of employing an apprentice or trainee.

To learn more, speak with an MRAEL representative using the MRAEL Live Chat button at the top of this page, visit the FAQ page or call 1300 4 MRAEL.

* MRAEL understands that operating requirements can change. If a Partner Organisation determines that Apprentice Connect is no longer suited to their business requirements, MRAEL can offer a range of traditional group training services that may be more suitable. If a Partner Organisation decides to withdraw from Apprentice Connect within six months of the commencement of the apprentice or trainee, and does not transition to one of MRAEL’s alternative apprentice management services, a $1,500 fee will be payable to MRAEL upon withdrawal from the program.