Industry Specialist Mentoring for Australian Apprentices (ISMAA)

If you are an apprentice, or you employ apprentices, in the building and construction industry, ISMAA is a government sponsored mentoring program that supports workers throughout their training.

MRAEL is proud be partnering with the Australian government to deliver the ISMAA program which targets apprentices facing barriers to completing their apprenticeship. By providing regular contact with a skilled industry mentor, the program aims to boost completion rates and keep apprentices engaged and supported throughout their training.

MRAEL Industry Specialist Mentoring includes:

  • Specialist industry specific advice and help at work
  • Particular assistance during the first two years of an apprenticeship when most disengagement occurs
  • Confidential help with personal issues, no matter how big or small
  • Coaching and advice
  • ISMAA is a free service, funded by the Australian government

What’s involved?

ISMAA is funded by the Australian government and provides intensive support to apprentices and trainees in the first two years of their training in industries that are undergoing structural change. ISMAA complements other government support initiatives for apprentices, trainees and their employers such as the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, Trade Support Loans and the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network. ISMAA is a nationwide program delivered by 24 service providers across a range of industries in metropolitan, rural and regional locations.

Interested in finding out more about ISMAA?

Contact MRAEL to learn more or register your interest at [email protected] or 1300 467 235.