MRAEL began business in 1985, initially as a small Group Training Organisation based in Mackay, Central Queensland, employing apprentices and trainees and working with local businesses to provide training opportunities. In the more than 35 years since then, we have grown considerably to become a ‘one-solution’ provider of education, training, and employment services with an extensive operating footprint across Queensland and into New South Wales.

In our more than three decades of business, we have remained a proudly not-for-profit organisation and firmly committed to creating new apprenticeship opportunities, providing training, and connecting people and businesses to strengthen the future, and the sustainable development, of the workforce.

MRAEL owns and operates a number of businesses, all of which contribute to our remit to increase access for all people to services and initiatives that will enhance their personal competence and increase workforce participation. MRAEL businesses are:

MRAEL businesses operate as a Group Training Organisation (GTO); Registered Training Organisation (RTO); Senior Vocational School; and Youth Housing and Reintegration Service (YHARS) Provider. MRAEL also delivers Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) services in Queensland as part of the Mas Experience. MRAEL’s RTO, Australian Trade Training College, is also a contracted provider of trades recognition skills assessment services through Trades Recognition Australia.

To support our business operations, we employ over 160 staff across Queensland and New South Wales. Our people are experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They actively work with their local communities, striving to create new employment and training opportunities and to provide support services that increase access and equity.

In 2016, MRAEL joined IntoWork Australia, a leading national provider of employment, skills and support services that enable educational, economic andworkforce participation. IntoWork has nearly 40 years’ experience in the delivery of workforce participation solutions and community support programs. IntoWork delivers services through its national Group of 14 businesses and delivery partners, employing over 1,500 staff in more than 120 locations across the country. Each business in the Group shares a common goal of creating ‘Vibrant Futures’ through quality services delivered in local communities.

Our vision is to provide ‘Vibrant Futures’ through Employment, Skills, and Support. Our purpose is to provide communities and businesses with integrated education, skills, employment, and support services, offering choice and accessibility for all people.

Collaboration: We grow and build using our respective strengths as a united team. Courage: We show determination to achieve our business goals and objectives. Innovation: We actively pursue new ideas and implement improved ways of working. Integrity: We create a culture of honesty, building trust, where our words become our actions. Respect: We treat people equally, valuing and acknowledging the strengths, abilities, and rights of all.

To support and deliver our Vision and Purpose, we structure our activities around five key strategic priorities: Social Impact; One Connected Team; Innovation and Advocacy; Effective, Efficient and Adaptable; and Sustainable.

MRAEL is committed to providing quality services and our statement outlines our ongoing obligations in respect of how we manage Personal Information. Read our Privacy Statement here.

You can read our Capability Statement here.


To make a difference through quality people development.


Through products and services that meet the ongoing demands of industry and provide educational, training and employment benefits.


By overcoming challenges and continually improving through innovation, collaboration and human-centred design.