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As an MRAEL Apprentice or Trainee, you’ll earn a wage while you complete a nationally recognised qualification. Because our host employers are some of the best in the business, your future will be assured with the on-the-job training and industry experience you’ll receive.

There are many benefits to being an MRAEL Apprentice or Trainee

  • Earn a full-time wage while gaining a nationally recognised qualification
  • Gain valuable experience in a workplace and get a headstart in your chosen career
  • Boost your skills and knowledge under the guidance of qualified tradespeople
  • Have your own dedicated MRAEL Field Officer provide ongoing support
  • Be supported with funding for tools, PPE, training and finance applications
  • Build your experience with more than one host business

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Take a step towards an exciting and rewarding career by starting an Apprenticeship with MRAEL.

MRAEL will find you a host employer and will provide you with great employment support and training throughout your apprenticeship with us.

Apprentices generally complete a Certificate III as part of their apprenticeship. Most of our apprenticeships take about four years to complete, but you can graduate sooner if you achieve the necessary competencies earlier.


A Traineeship with MRAEL is a great step towards an exciting and rewarding career.

We find you a host employer and provide you with employment support and training throughout your traineeship.

Trainees complete a Certificate III as part of their traineeship. Most of our traineeships take about 12 months to complete, but you can graduate sooner if you achieve the necessary competencies earlier.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does an apprenticeship or traineeship take?

An apprenticeship can generally be completed in three to four years (full time) and a traineeship can be completed in one to three years (full time). There are different employment options for apprenticeships and traineeships. They can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

Will I receive a recognised qualification?

Yes, your completed apprenticeship or traineeship will be recognised across Australia and will give you an edge in the job market against those without your qualifications. 

What industries can I work in?

Apprenticeships and traineeships are offered in a huge range of specialisations across many industries. Whatever your interests and talents, from aircraft maintenance engineer to wood machinist and everything in between, the choices are endless.

What are the benefits of completing an apprenticeship or traineeship?

They are a great way to gain skills and experience towards a meaningful career, and get paid while you learn. This style of ‘on the job learning’ is well suited to young people and those with limited experience or qualifications, or who do not wish to attend university.

What support will I have during my apprenticeship or traineeship?

As an MRAEL apprentice or trainee you will be allocated a dedicated Field Officer who will support you throughout your training. Your Field Officer will speak regularly with you and your Host Employer to ensure your training runs smoothly, and to assist if any bumps in the road arise. They will mentor you to help ensure you successfully complete your training, and to guide you through any tough patches.

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