How can MRAEL support your business?

MRAEL’s comprehensive range of apprentice and trainee employment and management solutions can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and the time constraints of your administrative team.

Working collaboratively with MRAEL not only makes the task of employing apprentices and trainees easier, it also makes light work of important ongoing obligations such as OH&S, payroll, legal compliance and performance management throughout their training. Our flexible services let you choose the level of administrative support you wish to provide to your apprentices and trainees, while we take care of the rest.

MRAEL services for employers include:

> Apprentice Employment Program

> Apprentice Management Program

Who’s involved in the Apprenticeship/Traineeship?

Host Employer
As the employer of your apprentices and trainees, MRAEL will facilitate recruitment, selection, retention, payroll, performance, training management and monitor workplace health and safety, whilst providing your organisation with the flexibility to have as much input in the apprentice management as desired. Alternatively, if you wish to remain the legal employer of your apprentices and trainees, MRAEL can still assist with our management service. Either way, every apprentice and trainee needs an employer!

They could be a new employee entering the industry or perhaps you have an existing worker who wants to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship.

If the apprentice or trainee is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the National Training Contract as this is a legally binding document that outlines the agreed length of training and the type of apprenticeship or traineeship being undertaken.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
This is the organisation that will deliver the training, conduct assessments and issue the nationally recognised qualification upon completion of the apprenticeship/traineeship. Training may take place on the job or away from the workplace.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Providers
Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers are contracted by the Australian Government to provide information, support and assistance to employers, apprentices and trainees to assist them with the sign-up and administration of their National Training Contract, as well as provide targeted services to identified individuals and employers to help them successfully complete their apprenticeship or traineeship arrangements.

State Training Authority (STA)
The Queensland State Government is the body responsible for registering the National Training Contract. Any changes to the National Training Contract must be approved by the Queensland State Government.

To find out more speak with an MRAEL representative using the MRAEL Live Chat button at the top of this page or call 1300 4 MRAEL

Job-ready support in Queensland

MRAEL has partnered with industry leader Mas Experience to provide job-ready support and employment opportunities to apprentices, trainees and employers based in Queensland. If you’re an apprentice or trainee, we’ll help match your skills to businesses looking to hire across a range of industries. If you’re an employer, we can connect you to job seekers with the right skills and experience. Learn more by calling Mas on 1300 627 628.